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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i don't want "shrek" green

i'm mad right now. that's it. actually i'm really mad. and it's not really it. i am going to post some of those paint chip pictures...they don't really come across too well by just taking a picture of them so it's not exact but you get the idea.
this first one is my favorite and thepicture really doesn't show it well. i would do the green color with white trim.

i really like this green too but it would be too much so i would have to do one or two walls this darker green and the other walls white....i have a thing with white walls...i know there's a place for white walls but i think it's wasted if it's white.

and finally i really like this one, but it's in the blue family and that's what i've had for a long time. it looks better in person and again i would have white trim....or maybe dark wood would look nice like those cabinets. hmmmm

i need some suggestions so if you have any just let me know. i hopefully will get my comforter sometime this week, then i'll have to pick out sheets then paint then i'll have to gut my room. i'll make a photo-log of the whole process probably. if anyone has seen my room (which not many have) you will know that it will take a good portion of the day to take down all my posters and things. that were a failed attempt to cover the denim-blue. gag. so let me know what colors you like. woot woot.


Anita said...

This is what I would do: take either green swatch and paint one wall the darker green and the rest of the walls the lighter green and then the trim the white - stick with only one of the swatches so the greens are in the same color family! Kind of like I did with my living room, dining room and kitchen!

Jill said...

Thank you for taking lunch money to your little brother and I'm sorry it made you so MAD!. I agree with Anita, get two shades from the same paint chip.


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