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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whoa whoa whoa it's MAGIC!

You know the feeling when you find something that is so absolutly perfect, you know it was destined for you? like it was almost calling you to it. and when you see it, there is no way you can deny it, no matter how hard you may try? and no matter how many times you tell yourself NO, it just doesn't help, because this item is perfect in every way, shape and form. i found IT today. all kidding and tom foolery aside, i am in love. some may say i am over reacting, and i would probably agree with you but i can't deny my illness. i won't say anymore, i'll let the picture do the talking.

so maybe i will continue to talk about it. seriously. some may say it's ugly, some may call it really ugly. i call it beautiful. yes, it is a purse. i took a chance on a purse that called to me. i have a sickness. i buy purses more often than some people clip their toenails. i will call Dr. Phil in the morning.
well that was long and drawn out. here are two more pictures from some other items i bought today during a girls day with my mom.

some paper and other random goodies.

but my ultimate favorite things (besides Wonda {which i just named my purse}) were these three litte items, first a pack of sticky pearls, some blue ribbon and this stamp. i have been looking everywhere and finally i have found the stamp of my dreams.
overall it was just a good day, a couple of inanimate objects captured my heart today. and i'm ok with that.


Tracy said...

You crack me up! Looks like you made a haul - and I'm glad you love Wonda (I personally find her questionable).


I want to see something made with that stamp ASAP please ... and maybe throw in some of that ribbon too! :P


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