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Thursday, February 14, 2008

cupcakes, matchbooks, teacups &beatles oh my.

Merry Valentines Day Folks *notice i said ValentiNes day, not ValentiMes*. there is not much going on today so i thought i'd update with some pictures from the last couple days.

these are some dark chocolate cupcakes with a dark/semi sweet chocolate "glaze" if you will, and pink frosting designs. you might notice the robot, fish, pig, tic-tac-toe board, star,and 2007 4EVA designs. so random but that's ok.

and since it is valentines day, here is a little matchbook do-dad i made a couple weeks ago, i have absolutly no idea what i am going to do with it but i'm ok with that.

the inside, it has real cute paper from, my minds eye.

and finally some random teacups i found dusty in a corner of our kitchen cabinet. i got a little carried away and took like 20 pictures of them, i won't bore you with anymore but it's a time in my life and i can't deny it. sometimes i just have to let it be.
speaking of letting it be, i am OBSESSED with Across the Universe, the movie and soundtrack. seriously. if you like the beatles, or ever had an inkling to like the beatles, it won't disappoint. i will say it has it's strange parts, but that's what fast forward is for. i'm more into the soundtrack. i love remakes of beatles songs, perhaps more than the originals sometimes. but let's not kid ourselves, the originals are pretty darn good. hence all the remakes. seriously i wouldn't lie. well this was efficiently awkward so i'm ending now.


Tracy said...

Sister, you totally crack me up girlfriend!!!! :)


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