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Saturday, February 16, 2008

P.S. Mom, you will LOVE this.

yesterday was my mom's birthday...she wasn't home all day so when she finally got home about 9, sam and i had set up some suprises for her...when sam and i do suprises, we DO suprises.

this was the sign that greated her when she walked up the stairs (it was hung there with two studded belts and tacks)
and before we would let her open the presents, we made her put on the LOVELY headband we made out of foil and corn on the cob holders...after a couple minutes she decided it was a leathal weapon, not a headband.
so finally we got to the presents, but she had to answer a question before she opened each present (which were expertly wraped with newspaper). i just made the questions up and didn't really know the answers.

that was fun. so now on to the "real exciting" stuff. i went to TOM again today for like the 3rd time this week and i bought a little FAMILY sign for half-off and decorated it with some favorite paper and attached little clothespins to hold the pictures. it was a pain in the butt.


Jill said...

I will have to think long and hard to decide if you're forgiven for posting a picture of me, but you did make my birthday evening FUN (you have a talent for that). I'm glad nobody's eye was speared with the corn cod holder. I really like your FAMILY photo holder. The pictures of you and Ty when you were younger are very sweet (but Sam is not so happy there isn't one of him).


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