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Monday, February 11, 2008

This one's a doosy.

this weekend did not go as planned, so no skirt. but i did clean off my desk and table so when i finally do get around to making it, i will have a flat surface to mess up again. since i was hardly home this weekend, i didn't have a chance to make anything, but today i did make a little wall hanging for my room. i used 3 of my favorite new things, canvas, vinyl and brown paint. all of which i bought at, Treasury of Memory (where else, duh). i have so many of these canvas' all over the place and i can't wait to come up with something to do to all of them. this is what i did today.

the pics aren't very good but i'm over it. i used little square chipboard tiles and covered them in paper. there's really no point to it but i wanted to use the canvas plus i love the paper. two of the squares have writing on them, i used an old book i got for free and tore out a page. i am currently making another project with that book that might be done sometime soon.

the vinyl says, 'don't forget to have a little fun today'. i didn't realize i bought the black one, i thought i got the white one oh well.

on friday i made truffles. mmmm nothing better than a huge brick of dark, dark chocolate if you ask me. it was my first time making them and they didn't really taste exactly how i wanted so i think i might have to try another bobby flays from "Throwdown"

it made quite a "little" mess.

and finally some valentine suckers i made with mint chocolate. they are really good with pretzels...i'm just saying.


Tracy said...

Great canvas!!! :)

Jill said...

Love the canvas! I like the papers you used.


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