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Monday, August 5, 2013

I think this last weekend was the weirdest/surrealist weekends. We got some extremely heartbreaking news Thursday night. I'm not going to go into details or anything but as a result, Ty came home Friday night and just went back to Utah tonight. One of his best friends died and everyone around here has been in a weird place. We're all so sad for his family and hope that they can find some peace. 
Sam and I talked a bit about death the other day. He had a friend from HS who died a couple weeks ago in a motorcycle accident and he was saying how weird it is that someone can die and hardly anybody in the world knows or cares. People die every second, yet unless it's someone we know we don't think about it. After this weekend and that conversation I realized that everyone is fighting a hard battle. We have no idea what someone is going through. I KNEW this already but I need lots of reminders. Cut the rude store clerk some slack, smile at someone, don't get offended easily. Just remember that most people are good at hiding their pain, they may have tough stuff they deal with, just be kind and forgiving. I need to listen to that advice the most. It's a humbling experience knowing that he we just saw him a month ago at Ty's reception and now we won't see him again (until the next life). He was the nicest kid and so respectful and good. He was the type of kid you'd want your son or daughter to hang out with. I don't understand any reasoning behind what happened. I need to stop wondering because I don't think anyone will ever get the 'right' answer. 
I'm thankful that I know where we are going after this and I hope his family knows they will see him again. Even if some of them may feel like punching him then hugging him when they see him again.....
 There was a very impromptu memorial service at our house. It was supposed to be about 5 friends then family wanted to come and it ended up being about 30ish people or so in our backyard to burn the wooden boat Ty made with his friend and brother.
 Some of the people at the beginning sitting and waiting for the fire to start.

Everybody was very somber at first, then I heard people talk about memories and the mood shifted a bit. It was still heavy but talking about happy times made it easier for everyone.
It was a really neat thing to do. I'm glad Ty had such a good friend and I'm sad that he is no longer here. It's surreal to see all the friends and family of a person and keep expecting them to show up. I thought that for a quick second last night without realizing it. I wondered when Joe was going to get there.

(This blog probably makes no sense. It''s late and I'm tired. So sorry.)


Andrea said...

This post really hit home for me, Amanda. I love your writing style and I find myself so often relating to your words.
What an unfortunate event.
Thanks for the reminder.


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