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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"All that Glitters"

I have been pretty busy getting ready for a wedding reception that I'm planning for this Saturday but last week I decided I needed to stop focusing on myself because I do that a lot. I have a friend who is having a tough time with stuff right now and since I love themes and surprises and happy mail, I decided I should send her a little package. The theme was "All that Glitters".
Seriously if I could get a job doing this kind of thing, I'd be ALL over it haha. It was so fun to put it together. Here are the silly things I put in the box :)

 A couple frames for her craft room- it's a fun room so hopefully they will match!

 Who doesn't love lindt truffles, especially when they're in a bejeweled box. Her and her daughters love to do nail art so I got some fun nail accessories and put them all in a green glittered pouch to represent Elphaba. They too, are obsessed with that green girl!

 Remember the Wicked obsession we just talked about? I got green and pink nail polish and renamed them after our favorites.
 Candy. She has 4 daughters so I got a variety of candies for them to share. I also got a couple of those cute suckers with the long sticks.
 A few other glittery things- a pen, sequin ribbon, high heel pencil sharpener, a bottle of pink glitter, and bejeweled clothes pins, because who doesn't need those things? A tube of homemade epsom salt bath soak.
 Some random fun princess accessories just because. I found some glittered pink flipflops in the clearance bin so obvs. I got them.

 Hey it was glittery and an R. Also who doesn't love the smell of fresh crayons and a brand new coloring book? That's one of my favorite things!

Gum is yummy. To go along with the Wicked obsession once again, I painted a mini Galinda and Elphaba because I love making those little peg dolls.

It's always fun to get unexpected mail even if it is totally silly and random!



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