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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art thou fither thither?

I am obessssssed. With what you ask? Oh well let me tell you...Jane Freaking Eyre. It's a book by Charlotte Bronte and it's one of the best books I've ever read in my whole ding dong life. I don't fancy myself a very fancy person ... ignore that sentence...but there is something so transforming and transfixing about how people talked back in 'the day'. I oft think I was born into the wrong century but that's besides the point. While reading this book, sometimes I have to reread sentences and slow my brain down to try to understand what they are saying but that's ok.

I have been speaking with my '1800's' words for the last several days and everyone is rather perturbed with me at the present. I thinkit not fair to criticize whilst I'm acting on whim and impulse betterfore my nature...

I have no idea what I just typed there but it happened. Sorry.

You can stop reading now because believe, me, I AM going to continue this blog whether thou likest or not.

One of my favorite parts of the whoooole book is when Mr. Rochester disguises himself as a gypsy woman and tricks Jane and his house guests. Here is a quote direct from the book:

"You did not act the character of a gipsy with me."
"What character did I act? My own?"
"No; some unaccountable one. In short, I believe you have been trying to draw me out-or in; you have been talking nonsense to make me talk nonsense. It is scarcely fair, sir."
"Do you forgive me, Jane?"
"I cannot tell till I have thought it all over. If, on reflection, I find I have fallen into no great absurdity, I shall try to forgive you; but it was not right.'
"Oh you have been very correct-very careful, very sensible."

There are many more favorite parts but I won't bog you down with them at the present. Perhaps at a latter date.

I read the book (700 some odd pages) in a few days and afterforth I've watched the new 2011 movie,
 It was weiiird and I think I could make a better version but it satisfied my need to see the movie...well I guess it didn't because today I watched this version:
from 1996---I apologize for the photos and their poses, there weren't many to chose from.

Now I have plans to watch 2 other versions over the course of a fortenight.
Ideally, I wish there was a way to switch the actors around, use the Jane from 1996 with the Mr. Rochester from 2011...that would be well with me. Also I wish they would just stick to the book and NOT veer off into events/sequences that didn't happen. Oy vey.

I've been casting my own version in my watch for it coming to a theater near YOU. It might involve either: 

 jason bateman or
pat monahan from Train fame (he just seems a little cookoo like I picture Mr. R as being) as Mr. Rochester. Although the guy who was in the 2011 version was really good...they just need another girl maybe. We're in talks with them to see who will be up for the part :D

I will admit, I read the book on my kindle because it was FREE...ya I didn't think I'd like it bahaha scorn thee my insolent brain, I now knowest better of my faults.

oh gosh I'm annoying myself.

and talking to myself.

I will also make Bertha Mason muuuuch scarier and involve Mrs. Poole more.

I need to buy the actual book and a highlighter so I can mark up all my favorite parts. I am seriously going to reread it soon even though I just finished. I can't get it out of my miiiind. I'm a lunatic. wink wink.

I also don't hate the clothes. I love the big dresses and what the guys' used to wear. Why can't we revert back to that instead of the too short shorts and barely there clothes so prevalent now days?!

Alas, I must be off. I shall be leaving for work in an hours time and I must prepare for my passage and travels. If you've never read Jane Eyre, read it. You can download it for free from anywhere and read it, or there's something called a library...just do it. you won't regret it.

And just as a side note, my new life dream is to become a governess so Emily, if you're reading this, I'm totes down for it. Although i just used the word totes so I might be a bad influence on your kids ;). I shall put out an ad-vert-iz-ement posthaste to start my new lifes work.



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