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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving like Jagger on Jupiter

Last night I went to Abbotsford, BC to see these bands:
Matt Nathanson,
he sings songs like "Come on Get Higher", "Modern Love", "Faster". He's a really good singer, I like him but he wasn't the reason we were there. I always feel bad for the openers because they KNOW that everyone isn't there to see THEM. That would be sad. But everyone seemed to enjoy him. Unfortunately he suffers from what I've named, "Jello Leg, noodle leg syndrome" he couldn't seem to keep his legs from doing weird things.

These guys were one of the main reasons I went:
Train, featuring Howie Mandel...just kidding. But seriously the lead guitarist from Train looks just like him right?! I've seen Train in concert before and I love them. They are so personable and funny. Plus, they sound just as good (if not better) live. He brought a bunch of girls from the audience up and he was signing items and throwing them into the crowd the whole night. At one point during "Marry Me" he went out into the audience and walked through us...he was RIGHT NEXT TO US. my mom reached out and touched him but I I was taping it. Here's a video clip:
It was pretty legit. We were sitting in a back section but the arena was pretty small so it wasn't too far away at all, but it was still cool that he came back so we could see him closer.
He's a little flamboyant but I guess that's what famous people are. I loved the fact that they played from their old albums, those are the songs I grew up listening too, Meet Virginia, Drops of Jupiter, Calling all Angels etc... They also played some of my favorites from their newest album, Words, Marry Me, If It's Love etc...I don't like their 'popular' current songs as much as I used to because they are much overplayed.

 I digress. The other band that was there:
Hecccck yes. I was a big fan of their first 2 albums. Now days I'm not a huge fan but I still think they are very talented and they have some catchy songs. All three of these bands/singers were so good live and that made the whole concert wonderful. I would go see them all again. I took lots of videos of their songs but it's too weird to figure out how to upload them so I'll spare you.

Just thought I'd share my night with ya'll, I'm sure you care a lot :D



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