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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sew it Seams

Really I don't sew that much, I just like to buy fabric and look at it. For some reason I HATE cutting fabric and seeing it all be used up. Which is dumb because DUH I'll get more use out of something I sew than just several yards of rolled up fabric...

I happened across this site today, bad news bears...

also don't click here if you like damask patterns... don't say I didn't warn you!

 umm hello, elephants, heck yes! don't worry they have all sorts of colors for this wonderful elephant fabric.
 I'll take 100! I am obsessed with this, if I could get a couch made from it I would. No Joke
 Owls...nuff said.
 I would totally rock a snuggie made from this. or anything really. i've always loved giraffe print
OHKAY...ummm ya...I'm obsessed with this and I want to make a whole house based around this fabric. any takers? ;).

Last weekend I made myself a quaint little jean skirt made from an old pair of jeans. I have no patience to finish the bottom though so no picture. I'll just buy a jeans skirt cuz i'm not too happy with it. I have a huge stack of fabric that I keep acquiring and not making anything with. Well except I did make those onesies but that doesn't count. I want to make a few baby slings and stuff but we'll see.

Anyone wanna invest in the Amanda wants to buy all the fabric in the world fund? Or the Amanda goes to India fund? I just think I would really like India, it's a very colorful country. Thanks.



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