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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mustaches and Onesies oh My!

So my aunt is having a baby at the end of February. I decided since her baby shower is next weekend, I'd better come up with a gift idea and fast! The first thing I thought of was a diaper cake. I haven't made one yet but I got some real good directions and hopefully I'm able to make a really good one! I also started a blanket to match the baby's room but who knows if that'll get done either! But just in case those don't get done, I bought a pack of plain onesies, some black puffy paint, and a roll of heat-n-bond. 
Here is the result of about 20 minutes:
Cat eye glasses Onesie

 I had wanted to use black shiny fabric and heat bond it instead but couldn't find any black shiny fabric. So I bought some puffy paint. Then printed a pair of cat eye glasses from the internet and cut them out. Then I traced lightly with pencil the outline and filled it in with puffy paint. Then made little dots with the paint so it's like a chain. I'm not sure how this will do in the wash but hopefully it survives ;).

A Onesie
 Next I decided to give the heat-n-bond a try. I immediately wanted to do a big A since her name is going to be Alexa. We have SO much fabric downstairs and we have a large pile of perfect size scrapes so I picked out one I liked. Then I used my cricut (you could also just print it out from your computer with a font you like) to cut out a large "A" which I then traced onto the back of my fabric, cut it out, then followed the heat-n-bond instructions. SO SIMPLE! SO EASY! SO CHEAP! haha the heat-n-bond was like 6 bucks for a huge roll, I got a 5 pack of onesies for 5 bucks and voila!
Heart Onesie
Then I decided since the A was SOO easy, a heart would be even easier, why not right? I just used a piece of paper and did the old kindergarten trick and made myself a heart. Then traced it onto my fabric cut it out and followed the same steps as before. This was done in like 2 minutes. This is miracle stuff I tell you!
Mustache on a stick anyone?
 These next two things are props I made for a photo shoot I have on Monday. My aunt wanted some pregnancy pics done so we are going to meet and do those. I wanted it to be fun and not so serious. I had been eying all these people with mustaches on a stick so I bought some felt and wooden sticks and used a little hot glue to make myself some. I made one for each member of their family so hopefully it's a fun photo.
Yarn heart
Finally I made this little heart out of a piece of cardboard I cut out (poorly mind you) into the shape of a heart. Then I grabbed some red yarn I had laying around and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more. It was a little more time consuming than one might think but I'm pretty excited for it. I saw a friend on facebook who made a similar prop for her photography and I LOVED it. So hopefully this will work out for Monday as well. I also bought some large and in charge balloons that I will have filled up with helium. SOOO excited for her baby shower and photo shoot!



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