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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

70 days.

What would you do with 70 days? There are many things one could do with such a plethora of time. My next 70 days will be filled with eating boring, albeit healthy foods and (hopefully) lots of exercise.

In order to reach my goal of losing 35 pounds I need to do the following:
Sign up for a gym membership
Actually go to said gym
stop overeating
no more SUGAR (once you get one taste, it brings on all sorts of cravings and is just not good for you) walk around the kitchen (contrary to popular belief, you do not need to eat something every time you walk through the kitchen)
Find a wooded glen to punch dance out my anger at not being able to eat what I want
Learn to be healthy all over again
Find a gym partner so I can be somewhat accountable (but not someone who will judge/make fun of me when I make a fool of myself)
Keep lists and charts and graphs to keep myself organized and on task
Make a really good workout play list and invest in some good headphones
Find some workout clothes
cutout pictures of clothes I'd really like to buy and glue them on every surface available
learn to be active (not necessarily working out but finding other opportunities to get outside and be one with nature)

That's all I can think of for now. Sitting in front of me is a small stack of paper the number I'm looking at is 70 and the last number is a big red 1 (realize I should have done 0 but whatever). Everyday I will remove one paper from the stack. Maybe on the back I'll write something that was hard that day, or something that I accomplished and keep them. For some reason when I lost 60 pounds last year I didn't have that hard of a time keeping up with it but now that I've slipped the last 3 or 4 weeks (and gained back 5+ pounds...UGH let's not talk about it), it's really hard to find the motivation to start again. One of my main goals is to eat what everyone else eats (to an extent) but less of it. Portions are crazy hard for me. Or maybe I'll just live off of cottage cheese, eggs and salad for 70 days who knows.

Wish me luck! I WILL achieve my goal! I also must find something that I will reward myself with after. It will be good...or maybe I can just get a new outfit or something. Hopefully I'll need more clothes after all is said and done. Why is it so easy for some people?! Also why is it so hard to take it off but SO dang easy to put it on?! The million dollar questions I suppose. I'll be putting a tracker up above (not sure that I'll know how to change it but oh well.)



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