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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One week from now....

....i will be at girls camppppp! despite all the stuff i still have to do, i'm excited. oh man why am i blogging, i need to be doing more important things. yikes. i'm such a procrastinator with some things. there is so much stuff happening in the next few weeks, i'm excited and nervous and anxious and overwhelmed and excited.
haha it will all work out even if we have a banner that looks like a piece of cardboard with permanent marker, which might be what it ends up being. the homemade paper mache pumpkins and tube sock mice might not happen and i have to be ok with that. i can't do everything now that i've waited so long. (our theme is Cinderella...hence the random decorations)
tomorrow i am going to friday harbor all day which might not be ideal timing. then in the evening it's our last YW mtg. before camp! phew. so wish me luck, i'll need it more for the preparations than the actual camp.
i might not blog for awhile. i'm leaving camp a night early and leaving the next day (which is my birthday!) to go to a scrapbooking retreat. the day i get back, i go to work, then the next day go to seattle for a mariner game. work the next 2 nights then head to bainbridge island for my aunts wedding. oh and michelle gets home! how exciting! probably won't have much time to even see her for the first few days though. laaaaaame. whatever.
ok i gotta go cut some fabric for this banner then go to sleep to be up bright and early to head to the fery!


Michelle said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Geez you need to slow your role. Have fun at girls camp. And yes, don't worry about all the small things... they won't even notice their absence. Good luck with everything... and I might be home a few days after when I said... so we can be friends after you get everything done!


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