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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Wrap-Up

This post is really just an elaborate ruse to NOT unpack my camping stuff or clean my room. it's tooooo daunting ahhhhh. my room looks like a bomb exploded in it, NO good at all. maybe i'll just start throwing stuff away and see what happens.

anyways as the title of this post suggests this is a birthday wrap-up, kind of. my dad said there's still one thing coming in the mail and then we will have the family party at some point after my aunts wedding. i got spoiled this year, i got lots of good stuff i guess when you get older and spend lots of money on others' gifts you get extra good gifts back ;) jk jk. so here is a picture post with little interruptions for my silly captions:
i actually bought this for myself at a street market in snohomish. it's a little funky and not something i would normally wear but i enjoy it. i enjoyed the price tag too ;)
this is a little camera keychain that flashes. preeeeeeety cool

a BAZINGA! shirt from one of my favorite shows, Big Bang Theory.
when in rome is pretty funny to me.
triple combo scriptures with a snap front. super excited. i'm a little sad to leave my seminary scriptures behind but i'll still keep them around.
since i never read it online my mom got me this book
some scrapbook supplies, i just combined them they are from tracy, anita and my mom. there were a few other things too but they are buried right now :\. my mom sewed that grey and yellow bag i can never have too many bags.
another non-bday gift but oh well. this is the dress i got for my aunts wedding. the pic. doesn't do it justice, it has a small bubble bottom and a flower middle. all for $19, thanks clearance! i got the last one.
this was a dress my mom got me but it was too short to be a dress and too long to be a shirt so i cut off the 2 bottom tiers and made it into a shirt. i reallllly like it but i felt guilty cutting it.
at girls camp the night i left the girls and doneva gave me the SOFTEST blanket EVER with a really cute reusable shopping bag.
i love dan brown books and i have all his books in hardback but for some reason i only had davinci code in paperback so i got a hard copy. a set of denise interchangeable knitting needles!!!! pink ones! i also got a set of skull candy ear buds but skull candy does not stay in my ears so i exchanged them for sony's.

my package from RUSSIA came last night while i was at a mariner game so when i got home it was waiting for me. i just love nesting dolls!! i wonder how they knew? thanks aunt jeanie and uncle joe!
sam and my mom picked this scale out for me at an antique shop. i might try to make some sort of photo prop out of it. my parents also got me this cuisinart immersion blender with a whisk attachment and a chopper attachment LOVE it. time to make some soup or meringue or something.
not pictured: ty got me a gift card to Old Navy, my favorite store! a 12x24 paper pack with cool decoration papers.
and last but NOT least, my birthday present to myself. a blendtec blender. ya man i'm so excited to use it. i was gone for the week after i got it so i haven't used it much yet but it makes hot soup and cold ice cream. AMAZING machine. thanks costco!
i defiantly got spoiled. next week i'm going to dinner with a few friends since i've been so busy i haven't seen them for awhile, it will be pretty nice. michelle gets home this week. my cousins from utah are leaving today and will be here tomorrow for my aunts wedding this weekend. busy busy busy busy. so no more procrastinating i need to clean my room in a bad way!



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