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Friday, July 16, 2010

Gurrrrls Camp 2010!

I just got back from girls camp last night. i had to leave a day early because i'm supposed to be packing right now for my retreat that i leave for in an hour...woops. i have never ever been a camper. tents are not my friend, sleeping bags make me claustrophobic, bugs use me as their buffet, campfire smoke burns my lungs...the list could go on about why i am not a camper. but i'll tell you what, this week has been wonderful! i wasn't concerned with my own well being and i didn't care if i got too cold or hot or if i got bit by bugs. my focus was on the girls in our camp and i think that made my camp experience so great. i was able to forget about my uncomfortable-ness and make sure they were warm, drinking their water, well fed and having fun. all the things that are usually an issue for me and camping didn't seem to make an appearance. sure i got a few bug bites and got a little sunburned but that didn't bother me at all.
our theme for camp this year was "I Believe" i love disney movies and this theme made me happy. our wards theme happened to be Cinderella...ummm ask my parents i would watch that movie ALL day long if they'd let me when i was a kid. they would get up Saturay mornings (5am cough) and put it on for me then rewind it and play it again ;). so that was a wonderful theme for our ward. our color was purple which is in my top 5 favorite color list.

we had some amazing girls which always makes it better/easier. we only had 5 girls from our ward come and 2 of them were youth leaders who didn't even need to hang out with our ward but since they are good/nice girls they spent a lot of time with us which was way fun. heidi even slept with our ward which was an added bonus!
i wanted them to have a fun and memorable time at camp so each day i had a little gift for them. the first day i gave them each a journal with their initial on it and a letter from their parents. the 2nd day was the big hike day so i set up a little spa for them. i bought a few cheap pools, filled them with water and scented beads, gave them each a mini manicure set and towel and let them do pedicures/manicures. i gave them their gift for the 3rd day also on the 2nd day at night since i had to leave a day early, i just bought a package of glow bracelets and a quote. then last night before i left i gave them all a glass slipper and a quote to remind them that they are princesses no matter what the world tells them.
our tent was kind of the meeting place for girls who wanted to come hang out. we had the most food and a huge bag of crafts which made us kind of popular. all the girls really enjoyed our nutella...don't ask me why. nasty stuff.
our skit was the BEST in my opinion ;). of course it was cinderella that we made a little more modern (with unmodern clothes). our prince charming was taylor launter which made the audience very happy. we had a full sized cutout of him and he was our "mascot" during camp.
they were great at going with the flow and acting goofy and the did a great job.

this was the first day of camp right after unpacking. it was so nice and organized. we had 4 air mattresses lined up for maximum comfort/body heat....note: the tent didn't stay this organized the whole time but the did do a pretty good job keeping it clean.
this was on our way to the park, still clean and smell free!
overall camp was great and i was so glad to go. packing stressed me out and planning stressed me out but once we got there it was so perfect and relaxing. i'm glad for the chance i had to participate, i hope they all had fun!


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Amanda! Your camp was so incredible! Those girls were so lucky that you were there and so prepared for everything....even pedicures!
oh, and I heard your skit was the best too, from another ward. Wish I could have been there Wednesday night for skits.


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