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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


once again i am procrastinating on my girls camp duties....woops....and looking at dresses online. my aunt is getting married next month and i decided i needed to buy a new dress to take photos in. really it's just an excuse to browse anthropologie and shabby apple for an hour without getting in trouble ;). i found a few that i like and it seems the photos i saved of a few dresses didn't really save so these will have to do. they aren't all modest so i'd have to modest-ify them a bit. but one good thing about being short is when a dress for "normal" girls goes above their knees, it goes right to mine or even right below. perfect! here are a few contenders feel free to give me more ideas i don't want to spend toooooo much.

this is one of my favorites. i just love yellow dresses. i really wanted yellow and grey but couldn't find one.
this is another one i really like although it might look strange with a tank top under it. but i think it would look super duper with a yellow (or blue?) cropped cardigan. it is going to be a "beach" wedding i think.
i really am digging the yellow theme lately. and this one is under $100!

i love love love this color and this one is modest already! but from nordstroms and a little expensive

i think this is like the yellow one above but purple. i love purple too.....hmmmm

i don't usually like dresses like this on me but i really liked the top part of this dress so it could work with a little sweater or something. ahhhhh so many choices so little time!

in other news girls camp: 13 days away...YIKES! not prepared whatsoever so after i publish this post that's what i'll be working on.

in other other news: going to see eclipse in a few hours....hahaha i'm so distracted geesh but soooooo excited!!
in other other other news: i have never been more stressed out! this month is camp, vacation, photos, weddings, birthdays, camp at work, baseball game, scrapbook retreat....and more. the list keeps getting longer and longer i don't make a habit of wishing time away but starting july 5th it could stand to go a little faster.
ok off to work on camp stuff and my 2 lessons for sunday!


Valerie said...

I think the purple dress is perfect!!

Kristin said...

holey moley! i love all those dresses!!! where did the purple and the yellow one that are basically the same come from/.1/!?!?!? i must know!!

Amanda said...

they all came from here except for one which came from nordstroms but the yellow and purple came from there. it takes a long time for that page to load, they have a lot of dresses!


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