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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Operation: Potential

sometimes i tend to focus on the negative so i came up with an exercise, if you will, to help me see the potential in all things. i went to value village today and bought a few, shall we say, homely dresses and my goal over the next few days is to make them completely different, well maybe not this first one, i think it's perfect just the way it is...

uhhh maybe not so we'll see what i can come up with.
this one isn't quite so, pioneerish but it's still pretty blah. so watch out for some sweeeeet new clothes.
i haven't blogged in awhile because we had family here from utah:
this is what we do with family, paint their toenails...then laugh every time they take their socks off. and laugh even harder when they forget and wear flipflops.
went to a mariner game with nicole. we had an adventure getting there but we made it in one piece....barely ;). we didn't even get really lost!!

this last weekend we went tubing for activity WAY fun. i've only been tubing a few times but i'll have to make friends with someone who has a boat b/c it was a blast. it was raining and freeeezing cold but so worth it. we'd just get in the water when we got too cold since it was a lot warmer. i tried my knees as knee boarding (get it? instead of tried my hand, tried my knees...hahahaha) i could get up on the board just find i couldn't grab the rope though, i was too chicken after being plummeted head first the first 3 tries.
so random post about nothing really. i'm super duper tired.
24 days until I go to UTAH!!



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