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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time flys (or is it flies? maybe fly's?)

i remember my parents always said time goes by way faster when you are an adult and i have to say i have found this to be true (fortunately? unfortunately? the jury's still out on that one.) i literally feel like it should still be February. how the HECK are we already towards the end of June?!!! seriously when i look back on it, i don't know where all the time went. i guess i was in the hospital with my grandpa a lot, our house was remodeled etc etc....but i am at a loss to where all that time went. i might put my detective gear on and try to find it because i want it back!

July is coming up WAY WAY WAY too fast for my liking. too many things going on next month that i need more time to prepare for example: girls camp (23 days and counting) my 23rd birthday (26 days and counting) scrapbook retreat (also 26 days and counting) my aunt's wedding (i just found out about...34 days and counting). i just don't know what i'm going to do. i feel so unprepared which i hate. i know it will all come together i just need to learn the fine art of delegation and the not so fine art of letting go ;). the girls at camp won't know or care if i don't get everything done for them that i have planned, but i will try my hardest.

anyways i didn't mean to rant there but i just felt overwhelmed. i literally have no idea where the weeks go. it should still be thursday, NOT sunday night.

here are a few photography things i've been working on the last few weeks:

business postcards. the back has all my information on it and prices. i've realized i'm too busy to do "favors" for people i hardly even know when it comes to photography.

here's a gift certificate i still have to print up. not sure if they would ever even be used but they are still kinda fun ;)

in other news, i love this shirt. i think it's really funny. i would wear it. hint hint...

p.s. 80 days til ty goes to the MTC and maybe 76 days (?) until him and i go to utarhhhh



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