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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Now...

right now i....

love trident layers gum. it's a little waxy but i love the flavor. i haven't actually tried the strawberry one yet but i have a pack, have to finish the apple/pineapple first

love that it's 75 degrees outside and can enjoy a crystal lite Popsicle in the sun for only 15 calories

love that i spent the morning (while the clouds were out) cleaning my room just a little bit. i no longer have the mt. Vesuvius clothes pile going on AND i got rid of a loooot of shoes. now i only have about 50 pairs! yahoo they all fit finally!

love any and all shades of pink/red nail polish on both my toes and fingers. to have my toes painted means summer is here!

love that i got rid of the huuuuge jeans in my closet (that i'm embarrassed to think ever fit me) and replaced them with jeans that are HALF that size. (even if they are paint splattered, they were only $5 though ;))

love breakfast! i have never ever been a breakfast person but for the last week i've been having a "fried" egg with garlic powder, S&P, and chili powder on half a whole wheat sandwich thin. sometimes if i'm feeling risque i have a peach too yuuuummmmmm.

love loreal's new face wash. i have never had "typical" skin. i never really got pimples or anything but i might have suffered a worse fate...DRY skin. sooo dang dry. but this stuff is cool it has a nifty little scrubbing pad that feels like a treat for my face. very enjoyable and affordable.

ahhhh one more thing before i go back outside, i love that my new photography postcards just came in the mail!! yahooooooo! they look a lot better than the first ones thankfully. let me know if you'd like one :).


Kristin said...

I might have to try that face wash stuff. My skin is similar to yours... Thanks!


i do i do! sounds like you have been very jealous! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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