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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Season Photos

a few weeks before christmas we got this little box in the's from Russia where my aunt and uncle are serving a mission for our church. i was soooooooooo excited and wanted to open it ASAP but wasn't allowed. how rude. so it sat under the tree for awhile then was hidden b/c we kept opening the packaging little by little everyday. we will come back to this box later i'll make it a surprise like it was for me...

the first weekend in december is when we usually go and chop down our tree at the tree's usually a big ordeal b/c we have opposing opinions on what a christmas tree should look like. i like full bushy trees and others like more sparse layered trees. they won this year. :) p.s. they won b/c it was Sooooooooooo cold nobody wanted to be outside anymore.

after putting the tree up we decorated the rest of the living room. we've had those stockings since we were little and even though i think my mom would like them to be matching red stockings, we hang up our mismatched fun stockings.

christmas eve is always the baking day. we make SO many treats and goodies for friends. we spend the WHOLE day baking. this year was hard b/c usually we taste as we go along to make sure things taste good, this year i couldn't soooo that sucked. but we still made lots.

the finished plates. i think we made probably 10 different items we did way too much this year.

i'm in charge of the pretzel rods dipped in chocolate every year this time we did red chocolate then i drizzled white over it to give it a candy cane look.

finally after a long day of baking, delivering and having dinner at a friends house we skyped with my aunt in uncle in russia and opened our special box holy toledo i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE russian nesting dolls and they sent us 2 sets and those cute little ornaments!!

we will be going to russia (my mom and i) either this summer or next summer to pick them up and i plan on packing an empty suitcase to stuff full with these things- put your order in now haha.
and last but not least christmas morning. santa got me a blu ray player to go with the flat screen TV i bought myself a few weeks ago. we got some good stuff including Beatles rock band which has been played constantly for the last several days.
ok i have to get ready for work now i hope everyone had a good christmas!! and a happy new year in a couple days!


Elder and Sister Luna said...

Way cool post - especially Joe and I on the computer screen! I'm glad you loved the dolls - more Russian items to come this year. I'm taking birthday requests also. But I do having something special in mind for you.


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