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Saturday, December 12, 2009


So my friend is having a baby pretty soon (well march-ish) so i am helping plan a shower for her. i am in charge of food and invites and our other friend is in charge of decorations games. we decided last night that we are going to have the shower next month so i have to get the invites done! here's what i came up with:

their nursery is pink and green, the colors don't show up very well on here though.

i used my new slice and stamp sets to make these. pretty exciting. it's also the layout for the christmas cards i still have to get done :D. i'm still trying to decide what to have on the outside scallop, the word shower is redundant but i don't know what else to put...?! anyways probably won't blog much more this month, too much going on but i'm officially done shopping and wrapping!!!!!!!!!!! so glad i don't have to go near the mall or walmart for the next month!


Anderson's said...

Those are super cute invites! I love them! :)


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