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Friday, December 18, 2009

Funky Chunky

Don't let the title...or cover photo fool you. this is an amazing book. it's crochet patterns of all sorts. some are pretty tacky but for the most part they have some pretty cool ideas. i just love to buy yarn so i should start using it up now.

if anyone still needs to get me a present here's a link, BOOK FOR $7! i'm just kidding, kind of. haha i think after the holidays after things settle down i'll buy
it and a few other pattern books. i just love it.
i'm all done with christmas shopping and wrapping (be jealous) but i'm still venturing to the mall
tomorrow morning for Old Navy's $1 socks! i've already bought them i'm just going to
take my receipt back and get the price adjustment. they also will have $3 basic sweatshirts. i'm all
about the pattern books and sales i guess. i will also be getting some buy one get one 1/2 off shoes (boots) at
famous footwear and FREE LIPGLOSS at bath and body works. wow what good savings.
i won't be at the mall past 10am so that's the only reason i'm going. no more mall for me after that.

also tip if you are going to shop at bellis fair mall, the car lines get REALLY bad depending on what
time you go shopping. park in the upper kohl's parking lot (where x-mas trees are sold),
it means you have to walk a little further but it saves you 45+ minutes waiting in that dang car line.
i learned that after working there 4 christmas' i would seriously sit in a row of cars one time for
almost an hour! you only have to wait for the light if you park up there.especially the next several
days if you go at a good time it shouldn't be too bad butit gets nasty the closer we get to christmas.
anyways good luck if you do venture out!!

p.s. if you have safari web browser don't use it to post blogs, it messes EVERYTHING UP!! i will
remember that and only use my regular explorer next time.



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