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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So much to do and not enough time...

i have so many pictures to
go through and edit and i just don't know when i'm going to do it all! ahhhhh. i need to almost take a few days off from other jobs just to have time to do it.

i have a big primary activity where i did little 5-10 min. mini sessions that need to be edited

i have probably 2 family's who need editing

a family reunion type thing to edit

a wedding

a new baby

and a 1 yr. old's pics.
phew. and i still have to start carving out a time for my classes from which i've only had time to do two lessons... :( eeeek. i need to make that the priority. so if you want me to take pictures for you i'd be happy to do it just know i'm a little behind at the moment and it might take some time to actually get the pictures and i know that's the hardest part, waiting after they're taken.

ok now i have to go take shelley into town for a little bit then get ready for work.
p.s. those pics above are from a wedding and a baby obviously. kristen and holland are pretending to duel like in harry potter. and the baby is flipping off the camera...i just thought it was funny.


Michelle said...

Bahahaahaha to both pictures. I love how Holland thought it would be nerdy to pose with the statues but it TOTALLY was kosher to do a Harry Potter and Twilight picture.....


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