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Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Bear Hat

Saturday night while watching 17 again with michelle and shelley i started this baby hat for a lady i work with who is having a baby next month (run on sentence much?). i only got like 8 rows done though i wasn't really motivated. well sunday i knitted a little longer and got the hat and one ear done and today after work i finished it up.

it's a bear hat....or just a brown blob with green things on should fit a newborn head just perfectly hopefully.

this weekend i also used sam and shelley as my test subjects for "facepainting" shelley is the guy from kiss and sam is just a weirdo. a little random.
also emily this is for you since i never gave you that picture of reagans first haircut! even though it was a little it still matters! also i hope you are feeling better emily!!!! let me know if you need anything.
this was like a mishmash post, lots of random pics i found on my camera. at least i got one project done and i updated woohoooooo. ok off to start a new project? maybe. or i'll just go to sleep. ya right. hopefully that one random cow will stop mooing tonight.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Hey Amanda, thanks I am feeling quite a bit better. I had an interesting Friday and Saturday - did you hear about that? I'll have to tell you all about it sometime. And man oh man Reagan looks just pleased to be getting that haircut ha ha. I still look at her little lock of hair in the envelope...makes me sad! haha. Fun mishmash post and oh my gosh...cutest hat ever! I'm sure Lisa Marie will love it!

Rodney&Thuy said...

so cute. i wish i had some of your skills.


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