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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bucket List

a few weeks/a month or so ago michelle was over at my house and i was making fruit salad. i cut a baby watermelon in half and she asked if she could have a spoon and eat right the watermelon. i was like ok....she got really excited and said this is on my bucket list but my mom would never let me waste half a watermelon....well that was special but i decided to make up my own bucket list.
here are a few things in no particular order i would like to do before i kick the bucket.

ok i would either like to be on survivor or amazing race, or at least go to a survivor reunion show. i should probably get on this one b/c i don't know how much longer the show would last. if i had it my way it would never end!

SKYDIVE!!!!! seriously i would love to go. i might need to be pushed off the plane but after that i think it would be fun...or maybe a simulator would be better...?

swim with the sharks. slash hang out in a cage with sharks around me. or maybe if it was one of those cool places where the sharks don't attack and you can actually swim with them. that would be cool too. this might be where my obsession with shark week comes from.

go on a safari in africa. i chose this picture b/c i would have to invest in some amazing lens' like they are using. i could go for national geographic or just by myself.

i want to build my own house in the middle of a big field with nobody else around. it will be awesome. i guess i'll have to start saving for that. maybe in about 30 years :).

meet johnny depp :)! ummm i guess there's no explanation needed for that one.

travel around the world. greece would be a good starting point.

maybe part of that traveling could be done on a cruise ship.
anyways those are just a few things i wouldn't mind doing in my life. there is lots more where that came from but these are the most exciting.


Michelle said...

HAHA thanks for thinking I am special....


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Haley swam with the sharks last semester...did NOT have a good experience. You should have her tell you all about it sometime. It might change your mind!


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