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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Navy

I have many obsessions I'll the last post and the post before that and so on. Old Navy is one of those. I don't know why or how it started but I'm thinking I can blame Michelle. before she moved back I occasionally went to ON but since she's been home, i think i've gone in that dang store about 12 times...about half of the time i don't buy anything but still 12 TIMES! i'm not shopping's biggest fan unless it's kitchen supplies, groceries, lens', target but i suppose that has changed?

Well this post is to let you know about a little thing i found a few weeks ago that lets me shop at ON w/o feeling SO guilty. it's called, Old Navy Weekly. every thursday at an undisclosed time in the evening they update this page. it is full of hidden coupons. some as good as $75 off $100 but i think they changed it to $65off $100 recently. last week i finally was there when they updated and got a $45 off of $100!!! woohoo! if you want to get a high value coupon you have to be right there when they update otherwise they will all be gone but you can still get other deals.

that's where this site comes in's this ladies blog but on the left hand side she has a chat room where you can go on thursdays around 4ish and they will ring a bell to let you know when ONW is updating. people also post where the high value coupons are so you have a better chance of getting one. only 200 people can be in the chat room at once so keep trying if you get booted out.


this i think was $20 on sale super comfy though.

this sweater was the item of the week and was on sale for $12...with my coupon i got 3 for about $6 each! they have lots of colors/patterns

this dress was $30....the only thing i got that wasn't on sale. :(. although it certainly doesn't look like that on me:).
i also got their perfect cardigan for $20 originally $30. i could have gone for better sales in the clearance section but...didn't.
my coupon was for $45 off of $100 so i got $165 worth of clothes for $65.


Michelle said...

Lol sorry I have brought you down with me. Although you have helped me not spend so much. AND you didn't even go with me this time so I can't be fully blamed :)


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