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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I'm Doing Today

oh you know, the same old same old. just buying a FREAKING 50D CANON!!!! breath, breath...he he hooo. i don't know what part of my brain is not functioning to make me do this all the time. oh well now i can have an AMAZING camera/flash and take some really good pictures and maybe get paid for them. i'll be selling my current XT rebel on ebay or another place like that. it will be hard, but i can do it.

since i'll have this camera my lens (that beautiful 28-135mm lens) needs to be protected, so i'll have to buy the UV filter:

and since the pop up flash on cameras is usually good for nothing except harsh light, i'll be buying one of these:

that's right, a speedlight. this day is turing out to be FAR more expensive than i would have thought. (mainly i have to get this b/c i'm always asked to take pictures at church things, like receptions in the gym, talent shows, other random activities and my flash is not cutting it. so i'll be saving countless hours in photoshop fixing the terrible light that my current flash provides.)
if anyone would like some pictures of their family, friends, baby, horses or moped, just give me a call in about a week and i'll be glad to take some pictures for you.
maybe i can convince someone (ahem!) to get me the gary fong difussers now to go with my flash. i can't spend anymore money today...or for the next 2 years for that matter.
anyways Anita tagged me to go to my photo folder, pick the 6th folder and the 6th picture in that folder and post it so here it is:

it's from chrey and craigs wedding in september. our bridesmaid flowers and her boquet. processed with...well let's see, i think with the boutwells totally rad actions but maybe PW set1?! oh well nobody cares but me. so wish me luck. i have to go to my bank account to make sure i have enough in checking and transfer some if i don't.


Jill said...

How much did that pretty baby cost ya?

Emily said...

Woohoo! This is exciting. I'm really happy for you Amanda! You must be really excited. I know nothing about cameras, but this one sounds like a keeper. And we'd love to give you some practice anytime! Reagan is just begging to have her pictures taken. Are you free anytime? Also, something kind of funny - I just came accross this website that does like blog backgrounds and stuff and I was scrolling down the free backgrounds and they totally have that exact same print of fabric you bought with the apples and pears for a blog background. I was tempted but saved it for you to use sometime...haha. Yours right now is so cute though. Do you make them yourself?

Emily said...

oh, sorry, the website is

Amanda said...

i LOVE those layouts. i'll probably be changing it every often now! thanks for the link. and i should have my camera in about a week (hopefully less, i can't wait!) and i would love to break her in with reagan pictures. (i guess my camera has a gender, maybe that's why it cost so much). anyways thanks again for that link i love them.

Emily said...

Wow I'm on a roll but I thought you'd appreciate this. I was blog stalking the other day and came across this:

Ugly? Amazing? I can't figure it out. But it's definitely the fanciest camera I have ever seen! check it out!

Amanda said...

oh that's the mark3 it looks like. ummmm YES PLEASE if it didn't cost almost 6,000 i would have bought that one. (that's the sale price). it's b-e-a-utiful. it's safe to call it amazing.

Emily said...

Oh my...I'm really embarassed. But that link I just sent you doesn't here's a better one:
sorry =(

Amanda said...

oh WOW the 1st link took me to a pic of the mark3 and an old nikon. that gold one is interesting. it looks kinda cool and i wouldn't mind using it but it looks heavy. hmmmm maybe a little loud for me though.

Emily said...

haha, sorry about all the confusion.


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