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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i'm trying to get myself organized today i have lots to do. but for now i'm eating some pomegranates and obviously writing a blog. today i'll be working in photoshop for most of the day trying to finish editing pics. from a friends wedding and a friends family. here are some i've done so far:

i'm disappointed in some of these pictures to be completely honest. i'm trying to edit them so you can't tell but when i was taking these family pics. my camera stopped working (i ended up having to buy another 50$ battery it was corroded or something). luckily i brought my dads camera as a backup and i wasn't happy with how the pics taken w/ his camera turned out. they are washed out and really not good color wise. that, Chapin family is why it's taking me 142 years to get these pics to you. i'm editing them so hopefully you won't be able to tell :).
it's also taking so long b/c photoshop stopped working on my laptop so i'm at the mercy of the main computer being open to finish editing. ANYways...
after i'm done with that (hopefully today) i have to make a slideshow for the YW New Beginnings. i had it almost all done then my computer froze and deleted everything....seriously i'm over technology.
then i have to sign up for classes at the Academy of Art University. i'm taking the quater off from skagit to take some photography classes. I'm hoping i can take a few classes and really learn about my camera. then i think i might put an ad out on craigslist or something and start charging to take senior/family/whatever pictures for people. that way i can sock some money away for a new camera and for school. my goal is to have a new camera by august when i go to hawaii for my aunts wedding!

then these 2 books...i shouldn't have gotten them b/c now all i want to do it knit. a lot. i wish i was a fast knitter so i could make all of these toys. i'm working on a second tie for my brother ty for his mission. i just made one for my dad. i'm also working on a hat or two. and i started some socks but quickly dismissed that idea. and i'm halfway done with a poncho that i'm stuck on now.

then there's this pattern i just got to make myself an apron. i bought that cute apple fabric i talked about a couple posts ago. so i have to break out the sewing machine at some point.
this post is pointless. oh well. i also have to make appts. for dentist/eye/hair for the next week or two. and get my room reorganized. at least i have almost a complete day to myself as soon as ty leaves and can get hopefully a chuck of all that stuff done.
pomegranate hint:
to get the seeds out, cut it in half. hold it upside down over a bowl and smack that thing with a big metal spoon or an ice cream scoop....all those lovely seeds will just fall out. no need to pick at it. also, never get the packaged seeds from costco or anywhere, they taste like fingernail polish..seriously. fresh is best.


Emily said...

I love pomegranates. I also REALLY love pomegranate juice. Mixed with lime - it's the BEST! Hope you're feeling better. =) Slideshow on Sunday was great. What would we do without you?


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