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Saturday, January 3, 2009


last night around 10:30 i came upon a free knitting pattern. despite the fact that i have approximately 4 projects already on needles and i have to buy more needles to start the new projects i want to do, i started these baby booties. i finished one last night around 11:30 then this morning i finished the other one. seriously it is so easy and if you know how to knit at all you can make them. i just take forever to knit so if you are a fast knitter you can have one done in about 30-45 minutes probably.

so i was trying out different ribbon "laces" i don't like the polka dots for these booties but i think i'll make some hot pink ones and use that ribbon.

i'll stick with the light pink laces.

i got this pattern from the lionbrand yarn website. here's the pattern from their site:
size 8 needles--i got new acrylic ones that i don't hate too bad anymore
a ball of bernat cotton tots yarn-purple. i have enough yarn left over to make maybe 3 more pairs (they say to use lionbrand yarn obviously but i didn't want to go hunting for any downstairs so this is what i used)
and a big eye needle

Cast on 20 stitches. Work in Garter stitch (knit every stitch on every row) for 30 rows.
Next Row *Knit next 2 stitches together, repeat from * across row - 10 stitches remain.Next Row Knit. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail into large-eyed blunt needle, then, one at a time, through the 10 stitches. Pull tail to gather stitches together. Knot yarn to secure. With same yarn, sew open edges of Bootie together from toe to within 2 1/2 in. [6.25 cm] of opposite end of Bootie.
Sew remaining end of Bootie for back seam. Weave in ends by threading each end into large-eyed blunt needle, then weaving the end through the knitted stitches.
Cut an 18 in. [45.75 cm] strand of yarn. Thread strand into large-eyed blunt needle, and weave through open edge of Bootie, around ankle. Repeat for second Bootie.
Tassels (make 4)
1. Wrap yarn around cardboard 10 times. Cut yarn leading from ball.2. Cut a 4 in. [10.25 cm] length of yarn, thread through top of tassel and tie tightly. Cut yarn strands at other end of tassel open and remove cardboard.3. Cut a 6 in. [15.25 cm] length of yarn and wrap around tassel tightly several times at midpoint. Weave yarn end into tassel.Tie tassels to ends of Laces. Tie Laces into bows.

i didn't do the tassels, at least not yet i'll decide if i want to or not later. i think i just like the bow from the ribbon, which i used in place of the yarn for the laces.
so i guess now everyone who has babies will know what they are going to get from me! =). unless i can graduate into bigger and better things knitting wise. here is my next project:

a baby poncho. ya heard?! this probably won't happen...i guess that's what i say about everything though so we'll see. first though i have to finish my scarf i'm making all for myself!! i've been purling and counting too much lately so i wanted to do something where i didn't have to think. then i found some amazingly soft yarn on sale and decided i needed a scarf. i started a couple days ago but find it kind of boring just knitting with one yarn for that long so i'm not done yet but maybe by tonight.

p.s. i officially have a callus (well a shiny part) on my pinkie where my bamboo needles rub when i knit. it got bad when i was making all those wash clothes where i had to purl/knit together/increase a whole lot. i'm trying to rest it now.

p.s.s. my new years resolution is to work out every day. so far sam and i are doing a pretty good job. we walk the equivalent of 1-2 miles for our "warm up" then we do abs, glutes, legs and arms. we sing lets get physical and wear stretchy headbands and leg warmers.....



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