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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Green Monster

I made up my own version of green smoothies yesterday after church. i was really tried and i made a mind is a strange place.

here's what i put in them, spinach (lots of it) frozen blueberries, banana, apple, yogurt, peaches, & milk

then i put it in the blender in the following order, spinach, yogurt, blueberries....

...banana, apple....

....a little juice from the peach jar, just a little to sweeten up the drink (there is no added sugar)...

....peaches, and last but not least, milk, soy or otherwise. just a little bit to thin the smoothie out.

please don't turn away now, you'll get a nice green color when you start blending, but keep going.

after i get most of the chunks blended out, i add a little bit of crushed ice to make it a little slurpee like. then blend it again until everything is crushed/mixed/no longer green.

it looks like...well something you wouldn't necessarily want to drink, but trust me, it's good. you can't taste the garden of spinach we put in there, but it's there. it's a good way to get your vegetables in.

my dad is a comedian.....not really. everyone liked it except for ty who doesn't like bananas. when i told sam it had spinach in it, he didn't believe me until i made it again and saw me. but he loved it too. anyways on to something that's not so healthy, and really didn't work out, one bit...

homemade salt water taffy. now, seriously taffy is supposed to be soft and chewy, and well, good. this was NOT. it burned my hands, really bad, then hardened almost instantly. it really did hurt when i hit him in the head with it...i didn't even do it hard.
another thing i fail at:

well more accurately, my cat fails at. neko likes to sneak into my room and get a jiggy with my yarn. this is what i came home to one day. seriously. i spent 2 hours just untangling all this yarn. i was not too happy.
however i was happy with these:

the slippers i made for camree. i thought i made them too big but i guess they turned out just right. now i just need to make a matching hat for erin :). i have to finish my baby pixi hat first though.
and here's a tie i made for ty, but he doesn't want it...he has 14 ties and thinks that's enough for 2 years, i guess it IS but still i would want a different one for each day of the month. to each his own i guess. so my dad got a 2nd knit tie.
and FINALLY the fabric i bought for my apron:

i'm excited. i just won't make it for a month or two now. i'm too lazy i guess.
well this was long but oh well.



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