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Thursday, August 28, 2008

i love to {K}nit

i'm not a typical 21 year old i guess, if i think knitting a hat and watching a couple episodes of survivor is funner than going let's say to the mall...well this is my new endeavour i'll have to let you know how it goes, i'm on the last couple rows now of a baby hat. of course after i'm done, i'll need a baby model...anyways here's what i have so far...
i am very tempted to just leave this little "air" hole. i really don't like using 4 freaking needles, it messes with my head. (please ignore the mess around the hat, i'm trying to be good and prepare my lesson for sunday before saturday night.)
and last but not least, i made the pratts a little frame (that ty dropped and kinda broke the corner of {i fixed it though})i used a floating frame and a vynal from Treasury of Memories and printed a 5x7 of one of my favorite pictures from their photoshoot.


Emily said...

Amanda, Reagan loves the fact that you love to knit because she loves her hat! It is so cute. I am in awe all the time about how talented you are. You are like my own little Martha Stewart friend. Good job on the lesson on Sunday by the way. =) And I added you to my bloglist. I hope that's ok. =)


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