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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camera Straps.

For my birthday last month, i got a little tri-pod...thing. but it wasn't the right size for my SLR so we had to return it. to make up for that, i picked out a stinkin' cute strap for my camera. i LOVE it. i haven't gotten it yet since we just ordered it, but i already know i will enjoy it a heck of a lot better than my black, itchy, ugly strap that came with my camera. here is the one i got...

i know you're all probably jealous. i bought it here, Cotton Candy by Natalie. when i first found her website, i posted a link to it on the right hand side of my blog under SLR straps. you should check her site out, they are a pretty good price and no matter which one you choose, they are all cute. i will let you all know about it when i get it. i'm waiting anxiously for the mail everyday!
p.s. here is what we did golf and go-karts. yes we are 8.

of course i used the Totally Rad Actions, which i am in love with. (another shameless plug :)) oh well it's not like they pay me.


Nicole said...

That strap is so cute! I want a fancy camera that needs a cute strap! I think it might look a little funny on my lil camera. =)

Amanda said...

but it's a good excuse to buy a DSLR! hey good idea! it makes perfect sense! i recommend canon presonally. i shoot people with canons. :)


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