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Sunday, January 5, 2014


On New Years Day Nicole and I went to the movie theater and my little toes became FROZEN . Not because we saw Frozen but because the AC was WAY too high. Afterwards we went and got FROZEN yogurt. 

Go see Frozen. Now. I don't want any excuses from you.

It's the most delightful little movie you'll ever seen. People of all ages love it. I have always and will always love Disney movies but this makes my top five, if not higher.

This was like Wicked meets Disney, especially since the original Elphaba (Idina Menzel) is the voice of Elsa and those two characters have A LOT in common. Oh it's wonderful just go see it.

This is my favorite song/scene in the movie I think....well one of them. It's the song that most reminded me of Wicked (Defying Gravity much?!).

All the songs are great too. Please just go see it.

PS If you would like to have a birthday party (or just any ol' party) I will plan it for you. It will be Frozen themed. I wrote this song about my party planning ambitions:
Do you want to plan a party? Come on let's plan it now. I never need a reason to, plan a big to-do let's plan it nowwwww!
It's to the tune of this song
I'll be done now.



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