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Sunday, November 3, 2013

So About That...

Obvs. I haven't blogged for about twelve years...slash 3 weeks. I don't apologize for it haha pretty sure I have two faithful blog viewers anyways and one of them is hit or miss (Hi Mom! Hi Nicole!).

I have just been super busy with work, school, my calling, trying to schedule photo shoots that keep getting cancelled! GRRRR Silly rain keeps messing up my plans. Oh well, rain is good. I'm thankful for rain!

Blogging is mostly a way for me to document my life without having to write in a journal. I do have one, I'm just not very a very faithful writer, I wish I was! I've tried. It cramps my hand. Alas, this is my pseudo journal. (So feel free to skip the rest of this because it's mostly for my remembering purposes)

So the last two weeks have been pretty weird, I was asked to serve in a new calling and was officially called today. I have served in the Young Women's program in my ward for SIX years! WHOA. I was first called as the YW secretary with Stephanie (Pres), Carren (1st), and Emily (2nd). When that presidency changed, my stomach flip flopped because they forgot to tell me about it and a member of the bishopric had to run down and ask me during sacrament meeting :) I was called to be the 2nd Counselor with the next Presidency; Doneva (Pres), Vicky (1st), and me...I'm pretty sure there were only three of us there may have been a secretary for a minute but most of the time it was us 3 (if I remember right, see kids, THIS is why we journal!). Then once again my stomach sunk with the same dread of being released when Becky (Pres), Keala (1st), and Dixie (Sec) were called but I was saved again with a special calling "YW Specialist" with Nicole. This made me feel like a secret agent and I wish I would have bought some walkie-talkies and a spy scope. Basically that calling involved planning the Wednesday activities/extra activities/Personal progress and I helped teach on Sunday's while Nicole went to the other ward. (A year later Kim was called to be 2nd and I was called to be 1st)

Anywhoo fast forward another two years give or take (2 weeks ago), the bishop asked to speak with me. My stomach once again earned the gold medal in gymnastics. I wondered if a change would be happening because in April our Bishopric was changed after our 'old' Bishop Steve was called into the Stake Presidency. So our new Bishop and YW President are married and those are two major callings. I never expected in one million years that he would ask me to be the next YW President but he did and my stomach added spelunking to it's resume. I didn't really process it, all I could think about is the YW and how much they would miss Becky. Anyway, I ended up saying yes and sometimes when I remember about it I feel like I might projectile vomit, but I am excited. I mean, I've been in YW for SIX years with these girls- one of our graduating Laurels had been in YW for a couple months when I was first called, but other than that, I've been there as each of the current YW turned 12 which is so neat to me. I have seen them grow up SO much. It's crazy how much change happens just from 12-14 let alone 12-18! They are seriously the best people I know. I'm not a parent but I imagine parents think about their children a lot. I realized this last week that I think about the YW every day, multiple times a day or more! They seem to be my first priority and I spend lots of time preparing things for them. I love it!

We took a picture today after church with the YW who were there and our old Presidency. The YW weren't a fan of this, there was quite a bit of crying during church today but you can't even tell!

I stole this pic from Nicole on instagram. We went from having maybe four girls to 14ish almost overnight it seems like! There were many not there today who generally are too which was a bummer but it's not like we can't ever take another picture together :)

This will be good.


Andrea said...

Hello! I am a faithful follower!! And I am so excited for your new calling. You will be amazing!! Those are some lucky young women!

Taylor said...

I read your blog too. I can't believe that you have been in there so must be amazing at it. Those girls are lucky!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the shout out. Pretty sure you and Jane are the only readers of my blog. :) so grateful my YW career hasn't ended yet. Love them more than I could ever say.


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