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Friday, November 15, 2013


I love reading, a lot! I started rereading Harry Potter because why wouldn't I? I'm only halfway through the third book because I read it while I blow dry my hair....weird? YES. But I figure I have nothing else to do and it's a 15-20 minute ordeal. I set the book on my lap and blow dry my hair. So it's pretty good that I've ready 2.5 Harry Potter books in just over a month only while I blow dry my hair! 
I don't have a lot of time to read for fun anymore but when I do, I overload a bit. This was a stack of books that I have waiting to be read...the next day I had five books ready for pick up at the library....and this doesn't even include Harry Potter...
My goodness. There are too many good books out there. I'm trying to get through the library ones first.

Nicole lets me borrow good books. She lent me Drops of Gold by Sarah Eden and it was my favorite book since Edenbrooke. Same sort of book set in "Jane Austen" times. If you like good books that don't have overt amounts of drama and books that are clean, these are the books for you!
Blackmoore is the second book by Julianne Donaldson (who wrote Edenbrooke) and it's different from her first book. It's darker but not dark if that makes sense.

 This is another Sarah Eden book. I have all of her books on hold at the library then they end up in my Amazon shopping cart :)
I started reading this one a couple days ago and I have about 20 pages left in it. It's really good! The 2nd book is coming out in March. This is one I have really enjoyed reading obviously since I stay up until much too late reading it after I get my homework/YW stuff done :)

Anyways, those are some good books if you need some ideas. They get my seal of approval (which obviously means a lot).


Dusty and Mel said...

Amanda! Thanks for the suggestions I'm going to look some of them up! I love to read too!


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