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Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 2013 General Conference

I have a fun app on my phone called RhonnaDesigns (thanks Nicha {my attempt at a nickname for Nicole--fail})
So there's a trend where fancy people choose their favorite conference quotes and make them cute. Since I love quotes, cute things, and graphic design, I used my phone to make my own! (Except then afterwards I realized I can do the same thing on my iPad which is WAY easier hahahahaha woops)

This one is not my favorite at all. But I love the quote. Will redo this quote for sure-and I won't do it at 2am while laying in bed :)
Perhaps I will make more when I get some time. Conference had lots of good quotes. I haven't even finished watching/reading it all yet either.


Andrea said...

I love these.
And I loved that quote by President Monson about the trees. So true. When he said it I quickly wrote it down so I could make something out of it and hang it in my house. Love it!!

Nicole said...

Uh. Nicha? I don't think so. ;) love these you are talented.


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