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Friday, June 17, 2011

Crafting in my Bed?

Maybe that title sounds funny...hmm oh well. I'll explain myself in a few minutes.
First though I'll share a few random things that have been going on!
First we've had aprox. 4 days of sun this SUMMER. So when it's sunny, I try to spend the day in the great outdoors. Right now I want to turn the heater on in the house in the middle of JUNE. So ridic. This was the hottest day we've had so we went kayaking then we laid on anti gravity chairs and I read Harry Potter!
speaking of Harry Potter...This is a shirt I made with my friend Michelle Chapin yesterday. We got a Tshirt from Michaels for $2.50 and a bleach pen for $2.50. Then we picked out what designs we wanted (michelle did I <3 Batman ) I decided on HP because the movie comes out in 28 days, the day before my bday!! If you want to make a shirt too, just put a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers then you can outline in chalk your design, we didn't have chalk so we just used the internet to help us create stencils. 
Then you leave the bleach on for 15-20 minutes, until you reach your desired effect then wash it off in the sink then wash/dry it and it's done!!
This was a project one day that turned out pretty used to be a can of sweet and condensed milk (hahaha I almost said soup- that would be a miracle!). TO make your very own can, lightly boil the can for 2 hours (take label off first). Then wait for it to cool, or you can make an ice bath to help it along. Once it's cool, open it and enjoy!! I liked it better the next day after it had been in the fridge all night. It stayed soft and super good. I dipped apples in it (and my finger?) You could pour it over popcorn or brownies or ice cream get the idea.

So this is where the crafting in my bed title comes from. Last night I was a little pin crazy and came across this fun idea. I've been looking for something to put over my bed to break up this obnoxious yellow wall. Luckily I have a canvas store downstairs in my house and had my pick of about 30 different canvas sized ;). I wanted to be warm in my bed though so I made them in my bed at 11:30pm last night. Here's how I made them:
I got embroidery thread and wrapped it around the canvas randomly lots of times. Then tied it in the back to finish it off.
Next I took half a sheet of black felt and cut out leaf shapes in different sizes. Then tucked them randomly into the string. I didn't use any type of glue or adhesive so they are a little vulnerable. If I had had glue dots in my room I prolly would have used a glue dot on each. Or if I had had a box cutter I would have made little slits into each 'leaf' and strung them on the string..but I didn't. So I made due.
It's soooo not perfect but that's ok with me. I was actually going to paint something similar on my wall so it would look like birds on a powerline but never got around to it.
Ugh this yellow looks so bad in this picture. Also I don't really like it in real life either and if it wasn't such a huge hassle I'd repaint it....with a lighter gray then do a quarter-foil stencil in white. But that might be too much gray...:( Also ignore all my random things that don't match anything, they were just thrown up on top of my bed for lack of space.

And that's it, you too can craft in your bed if you feel so inclined. But please don't make the caramel in your bed, that would get messy. Also I don't recommend using a bleach pen in your bed either.



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