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Friday, June 3, 2011

The 3rd Day

Hands are the subject for today's photo challenge. There are many types of pictures I could have taken, old hands, new baby hands, gloved hands, knitting hands, steering wheel hands etc....but I chose to take it literally and take pictures of my hands, as they are now, straight on, no fuss nothing special, just my hands.

I have to say I have small-ish hands compared to lots of people so maybe I'm a freak or something haha but I do like my hands. I don't think they are necessarily handsome hands (can hands be handsome?) but they are able hands. A few facts about my hands (try NOT to get too excited)

1. They are double jointed and can cause people to cringe in horror amazement. (Perhaps causing early on-set arthritis? Possibly)
2. My fingers are almost always capped with some sort of polish. Fingernail polish is kind of like the bowler hat but for fingers, not heads.
3. My ring finger requires a size 4 ring---meaning I get rings from the KIDS section...again freakishly small?
4. My other fingers are more accurately proportioned and I can get rings from the regular sections.
5. My  fingers tend to bend backwards not on purpose, that's just how they are.
6. I can knit, crochet, roll out dough, take pictures, high five, smack others myself in the forehead, pick things up, write, play the violin (poorly), sanitize and open pill bottles with these hands.
7. I like the fact that I can craft with these hands, it gives me something to do instead of fidget. I can change a ball of string into a hat or blanket whatever I want with these hands.
8. My hands/fingers are mostly always cold. I guess I have poor circulation.
9. I have weird pokey outy veins or tendons? on my hands that freak me out
10. I have a few scars on my hands and fingers from various endeavors such as going to a cutco knife demonstration and slicing my thumb with their TABLE knife. Another large scar is on my right pinky from who knows what.
11. I write with my left hand.
12. But I do most other things with my right hand. It's what happens when your family refuses to acknowledge the fact that your left handed and are in denial about it so they don't buy you left handed scissors as a kid, then make you switch hands to throw a baseball or bat or brush your teeth...(longest run-on ever?)

And last but not least, I just typed out this WHOLE pointless blog about my HANDS with my HANDS.
I am thankful for my hands and what they can do!!

I apologize if you really just read a whole blog about my hands, it wasn't intentional.



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