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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Weekend:

i went to tracy's house this last weekend to scrapbook/relax/watch lots of movies. i'm happy to say i was a little least one of the days we were there. here are some pictures of what i did:

my crocheted baby blanket that will have a scalloped edge when i'm all done. it's not too bad for my first ever crocheted ANYTHING, ever. the colors don't really show well on here but i don't like that they are a little splotchy..oh well. i already have my next colors picked out and it will be a dozy.

the last day we were there my mom had like 3598725987 scraps from a scrapbook she made so i used her scraps to make some cards. these pics. really are not good, i had to use my brothers camera and i'm not too impressed...

this photo has nothing at all to do with my weekend but it's a shirt that i bought from threadless last week that just came in the mail today. i love weird shirts like this.
anyways also today i started a "wellness challenge" i'm calling it that b/c diet is a bad word in my mind and i'm trying to be well in all areas not just physically. if that makes sense. for example i am doing the prism food plan (haha i didn't say diet:)), exercising everyday, drinking at least 8 8oz. of water a day but at the rate i'm going i'll drink more than that probably. reading scriptures for 20-30 min. a day...this one is hard just b/c it requires a solid block of time. eventually i am going to purge my room and my car and get them clean once and for all. i also will be organizing my school stuff and making a schedule and sticking to it. we'll see how it goes! wish me luck.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

What's the prism food plan?? I'm proud of you! This wellness challenge thing is a good idea! I admire you so much.

Michelle said...

Wellness Challenge... ohhh that sounds like so much more fun... sersiously though!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Hey Amanda,
I got one of the pictures that you took of our family at the Hoyt's. I would love to see more, buy some....
Do you have copies that I can get?
You did a great job.


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