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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Say NO!!

when i was 10 i was in D.A.R.E and learned to say no to drugs. well that's easy i've never had any desire to do drugs or drink or anything like that. however, they never had a class on how to say NO in other situations. i don't want this to be a complaining blog, it's supposed to be for things i make but i haven't made much lately b/c i haven't been saying NO.

i don't need to babysit for a family i've never met before just because they get my number from someone.
i don't need to sign up for a violin group in b'ham (i haven't even played for YEARS) just b/c some old lady asks me to.

these are just some recent events that i have said no to...yay me. however for every thing i do say NO to, there are 4 or 5 things i say YES to. it's not a big deal i really do like helping people out and doing things for people. i just need to learn that i don't have to do everything all the time. i need to learn to not feel bad about saying NO. some days i feel so stressed out and overwhelmed (partly b/c i'm not good at time management too:)) with things i don't need to do.
i have to make time for myself and for the things i have to do for me. for instance, clean my room/car, carve out time for my photography lessons, exercise (haven't started this yet ;( ). i feel like i'll be a lot healthier and in a better mood if i find a way to unwind and de-stress. i have to learn to:

the world won't end and there are other people out there to help. please don't think you can't ask me to do anything. i seriously don't mind helping out people, just know it might take me a little extra time until i get caught up with stuff. i also have to learn to not feel guilty when i say no...i'll work on it.

ok i am off to finish making some photo cd's which i will deliver tomorrow then be done with (!). then i'll only have 4ish more photo sessions to finish and send out. phew i got pretty backed up photo wise ;) for awhile but i'm almost caught up again. i'll never get that behind again i promise.

p.s. also know if i offer something i really mean i want to do it and i'm not just being nice!! seriously i'm not going to do nothing i'm just going to cut out what doesn't make sense for me right now. i'm trying to eliminate putting myself out and messing up my already made plans.

gosh i'm a complainer.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Hey, so Amanda, I was wondering if you'd mind...jk. I know what you mean. Not because people ask me to do too much but I see you so overworked sometimes and doing nice things for people that it makes me worry about you! Good job starting to say no to things that you don't feel the need to do...nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. Seriously.


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