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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear "Homeless" Man,

I see you standing on that same corner every weekend. The first time I saw you, you had a gas can sitting by your feet and you had nice clothes on. The next week I saw you, your clothes were a little tattered and you had lost your job. This weekend you had an 18 month old baby who needs formula and diapers and you look like you really are homeless. I felt bad for not giving you money the first time I saw you. It would not be fun to be stuck without gas but I guess that's the curse of debit cards. The next week when I saw you I was confused because I thought you were from out of town...yet here you were again. I really hope you didn't lose your job and that you don't have a hungry baby at home. Maybe I'm a cold hearted person but I don't feel good about giving people money who are obviously taking advantage, which I realize you are.

I really hope you can find a job and earn some money for gas and diapers. There's a Wendy's, Taco Bell, Wal-Mart and Arby's all within walking distance of your corner and I'm sure you can get a job at one of those places.

I'm sorry your circumstances have brought you to the corner to beg for money but you have a different story every week and I don't feel good about giving you money.

Good Luck,

* I realize not everyone who stands on the corner begging is lying but i also know that some are and i find it hard to give away money when i don't know. maybe that's not Christ like and i shouldn't judge them or their circumstances but i would rather give them a hot meal and bring them someplace that can help them get a job and have a place to stay. of course i'm not going to let some stranger in my car but you get the idea. i would rather give them help then cash for who knows what. i've heard very different views on this matter and i guess i'm trying to figure out what i think about it.

anyways random but that's ok. i'm off to bed early to get rid of this headache.


Michelle said...

I would have to agree. I remember someone once telling me that there was a talk by one of the general authorities that said something about not judging people and being the good samaritian. And it's up to them how they use the money but at least you were being helpful and Christ-like. And then after they told me all of this they said their solution was to never carry cash. Then they couldn't feel bad... cuz all they had on them was their card! lol

Chyla Mashelle said...

I think I peed my pants reading this! Besides that's what your tithing is for silly to help those in need... :)


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