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Friday, June 26, 2009

Where I was...

...when Michael Jackson died. Oh YES i did. i just have to say this one thing. michael jackson was a little bit of a creep-o his last few years of life, for sure, BUT...he was an amazing performer and i love (almost) all of his songs. i'm a little sad, but i'm not freaking out like others. wondering how i am going to go on with life, like a little piece of me died...not true. i'm sad that the king of pop died but my life goes on. i found out he died yesterday via text message just as i was making some homemade salsa verde enchiladas. (they were pretty darn good).
ok so switch topics, salsa verde enchiladas are pretty life changing. i didn't use any of that canned junk they try to sell as salsa verde, my neighbor taught me how to make my own. like from scratch. with lots of tamitios. it's AMAZING. even cold it's good. i made enough for 20 enchiladas, 2 full pans with enough for leftovers. i put one pan in the freezer to bake on a day nobody wants to cook. if you'd like some life changing enchiladas feel free to come over. (notice: i call them life changing since the only ones i have ever had are dry, red sauced and gross).
p.s. if you need some entertainment today check out these links:
"emo kid is is throwing a dove at my face, i guess that means that he flipped me the bird..."
"i'm a spelunker, and i am in a cave..."
SERIOUSLY RUN DON'T WALK AND WATCH THOSE LINKS. let me know what you think. i think they are hilarious.


Tracy said...

First of all ... ewww... seriously? MJ?

Anyway - posted sista! With 30 minutes to spare!


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