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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hair Flowers

i've been so busy lately. i just started a new job, job number 3, so i haven't really had time to post anything on this here blog. however, in the last couple days when i do have some free time i have been making some hair accessories for my photography. my neighbor also thinks i should sell them at a local craft fair but i'm not sure i'm sold. everything has to be $3 and under so we'll see.
i cover the alligator clips with ribbon to make it look a little nicer and to be softer on the soft baby heads:
here is the out-of-control flower mess:i am doing good and keeping it all in the box when i'm not using it FYI.
some completed flower clippies:

here are some cute crocheted headbands that you can put the clippies on. they are interchangeable. i love seeing these headbands with a HUGE flower on a little baby. seriously
and these crocheted hats...AMAZING. i love them. they too are interchangeable. i think i might weave some ribbon through the bottom part. these are newborn sizes but i think i'll go ahead and order several bigger sizes too.
and some more completed clippies.

tomorrow i will be buying a large amount of tulle to make a few newborn/toddler tutus. i am a little obsessed with photography props especially when i can do a craft to make them!

and last but not least my friend abby had a baby last friday...unfortunately i won't be able to practice any of my new hats or anything b/c she had a boy. his name is daniel and he is CUTE. they discovered a hole in his little lungs so he was in an incubator this weekend but today when i visited he was still in the nursery but in a crib with a heart monitor. hopefully they get to go home tomorrow!


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Amanda ever since you gave Reagan those bows I have been obsessed with making them! Hope you don't get too mad that I kinda copied your idea. I had so much fun at Michael's yesterday picking out the flowers and brads. And I finally found those alligator clips! I got a hundred at Sally's Beauty Supply for like $4. Score! Thanks for the idea. I now have hundreds of clips for Reagan to wear with each outfit. haha. =)


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