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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Theme{s}

it's SUMMER! i'm pretty excited. i plan on spending quite a few hours doing these things:
consuming lots of lemonade flavored good. i don't care what form it takes. there's just something so refreshing about lemonade.
listening to books on CD, this one i just read but i want to listen to it too. it's only 20 discs...i have lots of books on tape lined up and i'll read them here:

sitting on the Adirondack chairs on the deck (note, this deck is not mine). OR the hammock (not pictured)
the reason i want books on tape is so i can put them on my ipod and do this:
while listening to them. my birthday is in 14 days and this is what i would like. i probably will have to buy it with my own money, certain people don't want to buy it for me. booo. it's pretty legit. all it needs is a basket. anyways this summer is pretty full so i'm excited.


crystal said...

Oh! How was 'The Host'? I just got that book for my bday and haven't started yet.


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