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Friday, May 1, 2009

Slouchy Hats

for the last two months i have been wanting a slouchy hat. those ones that everyone wears when they are having a bad hair day. but i couldn't justify spending $20 on a hat i didn't know if i would even wear (not so much a hat person). i had searched raverly high and low for the perfect slouchy hat to make with my new 100% alpaca yarn (AMAZING BTW usually costs $18per skein but i have connections and got it for $6). after trying to make 4 different versions i finally found the pattern i wanted to make from google (i can't find the link now so that's great).
then i couldn't find the right needles so we searched literally high and low for the huge set i got my mom and found them after an hour. i went to the deck and started. i had the hat finished later that evening. size 13 needles are pretty amazing.
here is the so soft alpaca yarn. i only wish they came in more unnatural colors...if that makes sense.

the next day i decided i needed a green hat b/c i LOVE green. so i made it yesterday. i made a few changes from the original pattern to make it a little slouchy-er. and not so pointy on the top.

here's a bad picture of part of the backside. i love them. i don't think i look good in hats still but i love that it hides my gross-in a bad need of a haircut hair.
oh and here are some cupcakes i made for a baby shower a few weeks ago. they came out a little dry i guess that's what happens when i don't follow the recipe and over bake them b/c my hands are covered in pink chocolate and can't get them out of the oven. my life would do that.
i made some white buttermilk cupcakes (not so sure buttermilk is my favorite FYI- VERY dense) and a big batch of cream cheese frosting that i tinted an ivory color. then i melted some pink chocolate and piped it onto parchment paper in binky shapes. then i melted regular chocolate and piped curly hair (which turned out terrible, they all kept breaking!!). after the binkies were set, i piped a tiny bit more pink chocolate onto the smooth side and stuck a white lifesaver to it. then just pipe some chocolate eyes and a little frosting nose. thank goodness people in this world can come up with things like this to make my life easier.


Natasha Holmquist said...

I love those cupcakes!! Great idea!!


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