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Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrapbooking Stuff

When i made this blog, the intention was to post scrapbooking and crafty things, however this blog has turned into something completely different-mostly just random stuff i feel like posting. today however i really will post a scrapbook page and a card.

yesterday my neighbor and i were downstairs scrapbooking and i made this page for ty's Fight the Shun scrapbook. for those who don't know, fight the shun is the band he is in. i plan on making a whole scrapbook but i'm really a slow scrapbooker so i might just do 4 pages and call it good.

the picture is one from our recent photo shoot. their favorite picture since it says good music on the wall. i cut an old record i found at the salvation army for 70 cents, using a scroll saw (not sure if that's it's main purpose but it worked). i got a little worried when pieces started flying off at my face. you might notice the bottom of the album is kinda broken in a weird way.

anyways onto the cards. my friend is having a baby in about 2 months and so, her sister claudia, our friend chrey and i are throwing her a baby shower. i put myself in charge of invites. after a few weeks of putting it off i finally came up with an idea a few days ago. i bought paper at joannes when it was 5 for $1 but i didn't have a design in mind so i didn't end up having enough paper so these are just variations of the same card.

where you see the ribbon behind the scallop, there is a pocket for the invitation to be stuffed. i just have to print them out and cut them to the right size. they took a LONG while but i'm finished with the card part at least.

so there you go, an actual scrapbooking post. yahooo!



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