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Friday, May 8, 2009


tomorrow morning at oh eight hundred thirty i will be on my way to DISNEYLAND! (please note that time measurement might be written wrong 8:30 is what i mean). I am going with my aunt and her three kids, i'm not excited AT ALL... don't let my running and jumping around the house singing Disneyland over and over again fool you. i made up a song to count down the days, and now i have to revise said song to document the HOURS...that's right...hours. I will be gone until next thursday at which time i will madly scramble to try to put together a baby shower for that weekend, yay me!
ANYWAYS i won't be on here for that time. don't be too sad... i have a few plans for a little idea i had. i am going to make a What Not to Wear Disneyland slide show. i'm going to coach my cousins and aunt to stand so it looks like i'm taking their picture but i'll really be taking undercover bad outfit pictures. i'll have to make up a word to say to them so they know when to pineapple or chap stick. i might just be included in some of these photos, just a warning. i'm going for comfort and cool--just like most of the people i might be taking pictures of. so i still have several things i have to pack and get ready for my absence, i'm realizing i have to prepare everyone else for me going away more than getting myself ready.

here's a picture just so this post isn't TOO boring. my pretty organized suitcase.

alright i have to finish things up so i'll be done know. i'll think of you when i'm having lunch with the princesses, eating at the fancy pirates of the Caribbean ride/restaurant and spinning endlessly on the teacups.


Natasha Holmquist said...

Fun!! I just went to Disneyland last friday! SAy Hi to Mickey for me!


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