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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pampered Chef

Alrighty it's been awhile, and I'm sure everyone has been waiting with bated breath....ha or not...anyways long story very short, i got really sick and I'm still tired all the time and my legs get a little shaky if i walk for too long.
now that that's over. i haven't made or done anything exciting for quite some time so I'll use this post to let you all know about my Pampered Chef Partay! it will be on Friday April 24th at 7pm. I'm actually having it at my neighbors house so we can have a better kitchen layout. every party has a theme and my party's theme is.... dun dun dun
now we're not really planning any deaths but just in case we will have an ambulance on site. and by ambulance on site i mean, nobody will really die. even if you don't want to buy anything you are welcome to come and eat because it's not called death by chocolate for nothing :). this is what i want PS:

the bowl...and i guess i'll take whatever's inside too if you twist my arm.
so anyways if you would like to come you are welcome if you need any more details you can ask. i do have regular invitations to hand out too but i thought i'd post a link if anyone would like to buy anything online click, here for the link. every purchase made through that link will be counted for my party FYI. woohoo. i love pampered chef.
what brought this whole thing on was my aunt had one a few months ago so i set up a party. at my aunts i bought (among other things) this smokey bbq rub. it smells kinda gross but seriously the tacos that thing cranks out are AMAZING. i usually don't like tacos but these are good. next time i make it i'll post the recipe.

well i'm done. i just wanted to put it out there. it will be one hoppin' night. well as hoppin' as cooking parties can be.


Jill said...

You must not have gotten the note I left this morning telling you that Wally Pratt's b-day party is that same evening.

Amanda said...

oh no i didn't...ummmm ok i'm assuming you'll be there then? i'll call her to see if i can reschedule for maybe that thursday or something..i'll wait until you get home.


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