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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oatmeal. Attempt #1--and Final Attempt.

i can't remember the last time i had oatmeal, the only thing i remember is how disgusting it was. so last night as i was laying in bed watching TV- john and kate plus 8 thankyouverymuch- i started craving oatmeal....weird to crave something you i decided oats were healthy so i would make up a batch in the morning for breakfast. i don't do breakfast usually but my thought was if i eat breakfast, it would help me not be so ravenous by lunch.
after i woke up this morning after taking 2 sleeping pills at 11pm (bad idea if you want to wake up at a decent hour) i started boiling some water and i measured out my oats and i put the two together. about this point i'm deciding this was a bad idea b/c it looks a lot like baby food. to make it taste good i added a few of my favorite breakfast-y type items, blueberries and bananas and a little (cough) brown sugar.
the first bite i took had everything on it, it was all i could do to not spit that stuff up everywhere. DISGUSTING. it's like gross mushy mush that tastes like elemers glue and toilet paper. i didn't want to waste the fruit though so i ate around the oats but it still made me gag just smelling the stuff.
overall, i'm not impressed and i don't care if it's good for me, i don't want it ever again. unless someone has some secret to masking the mushy gross taste. if you do by all means please let me know. i guess i'm not a breakfast person after all. (last week the same type of thing, late at night i was watching alton brown and he was making pancakes the next morning i decided to try his recipe since i'm not a fan of bisquick or really any kind of pancake usually, and it failed miserably, it was gross.) oh well. sorry this was so long and random i'm just waiting for the call so i can go get my new LG VU touch screen phone. booya.


Emily said...

Amanda, I really don't like oatmeal that much either, unless it comes in those already made packets that have all the flavors and stuff in it already...and still...not too impressed. I eat it sometimes because it's supposed to keep my milk production up for nursing but every time I do, I have oats stuck in my throat for the next week! Not even kidding! I think I must be allergic to the stuff or something. Anytime I eat anything with oats in it...cookies or ANYTHING, the same thing happens. YUCK! Sorry, no suggestions on making it better. =)

Anita said...

You forgot to add teh butter (a large pat will do)!!!


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