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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just like Belle

I haven't had time to read at all for many many months actually more like a year. During the 6 week break for school I started out being too busy to read. I had a wedding to plan and whatnot. The week before the wedding I started reading a book....I can't even remember which one now! Since then I've started rereading the Harry Potter books because they will always be my favorite. I've read
Blackmoore which is the 2nd book written by a wonderful author, Julianne Donaldson who wrote one of my ultimate favorite books, Edenbrooke. I strongly recommend both books. It's hard for me to recommend books because there are books that are 'mostly' good but may have a few iffy parts (nothing scandalous but maybe not appreciated). These books are really clean and just fun, Jane Austen like books.
I also started reading, Dear Girls Above Me by a comedian Charles McDowell. This is an example of a book I wouldn't recommend.
It's a true story about Charlie's life in an apartment living below 2 obnoxious women who have the most ridiculous conversations. He can hear almost everything they say or do and he started tweeting the things they would say for example;
"Dear Girls Above Me, "How does Google work? Is someone hired to look up your search and send it back to you?" Yes, and they search for it on Google."
"Dear  Girls Above Me, "I'm blanking, who discovered the world was round again? I mean flat--wait, did he think--yeah, flat--wait--" Christopher Columbus."
"Dear Girls Above Me, "All I want in life is a strand of Justin Timberlake's hair so I can make his babies." DNA doesn't produce children."
"Dear Girls Above Me, "Okay, I honestly just noticed that keyboards aren't in alphabetical order." This is a quote from you and my two year old cousin."

So he starts off with the bit of their conversation then adds his 2 cents at the end. There are some that are hilarious and some that aren't so...
There is some language that isn't great so this has been kind of a skimmer book, finding the funny (and appropriate) topics of his tweets and reading them. So not a book I would recommend to my friends for those reasons. There are so many good books that have just a couple things that ruin it :(.

I also want to start reading all of Roald Dahl books. I have his boxed set collection and could get through them pretty quickly. He's one of my favorite authors but I think I'll finish Harry Potter before starting those. I have some Jane Austen and Bronte sister books on my list as well- Jane Eyre is in my top 5 books--Fictional books that is-- Harry Potter books all are lumped into one also in my top 5. Edenbrooke and Blackmoore are lumped into one. Angels and Demons/Davinci Code are next, and I think Hunger Games is on that list... but I know I have more from my past I'm just not remembering.  Those are in no particular order

I have also checked out so many library books that have been pushed to the side because of time, but I've really enjoyed reading again. It's such a good part of my day and I don't get as sucked into other mindless activities (pinterest, TV, etc....).

So go read Blackmoore and Edenbrook if you haven't already. Just buy them because you'll like them and want to keep them :) My copies are loaned out and I love spreading the joy!


Nicole said...

I am almost done! Love it!


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